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Developing Professionals

No matter what the discipline, Complete can help you develop your staff from beginner to expert

Ready for the Boardroom

Ensure your staff are ready for any situation by training them to be fully prepared and confident.

Continuous Development

Everyone needs to maintain and update their skills. At Complete we help to optimise the learning path of each and every employee.

Complete Learning & Development

Investing in learning and development is one of the key investment decisions for any organisation. And like any investment, the business needs to see a return, not a cost on the balance sheet.
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The Complete Influencer

Effective influence skills are essential for success. They are a must for the Complete Business executive. We all influence every single day but how do we know we are using the best style, techniques, tools and strategies?
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The Complete Facilitator

When you have many people attending a meeting or a conference, not only will everything spiral out of control without a good facilitation role, the goals and any resulting actions are forgotten or, worse still, not even discussed.
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The Complete Coach

With more and more emphasis being placed on work-based learning and development and less focus on traditional workshops, the emphasis now falls on managers to be more actively involved in developing their people. Coaching is the essential skill set that the complete manager needs.
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The Complete Negotiator

Effective negotiation skills are essential to do your job and are a must for the Complete Professional. You need to know how to get the most value for every deal you negotiate and to navigate successfully the barriers and obstacles that are part and parcel of the most challenging negotiations.
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The Complete Project Manager

Whichever methodology or process your business uses to structure projects, the Complete Project Manager has all the tools and skills required for success. Because delivering a successful project is always more than just the Gantt Chart or following a process, it requires a unique combination of leadership, personal organisation, influence and stakeholder management.
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Complete System Components

Profile Analysis

Complete will help you understand you existing orientation towards a specific discipline and offer immediate advice on how to maintain agility and improve skills.

Training Resources

Complete has developed a wide range of resources including role-plays, feedback mechanisms, tests and quizzes and contextual advice to aid personal development

Training Delivery

Complete has a variety of training options that can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements in terms of sectors, contexts and audiences.

Planning Resources

Complete provides a suite of online planning systems that enable ongoing strategic and tactical plan development and adjustment using the cloud for instant access.


Complete has created and provides supporting materials in each discipline that can be accessed in print and online and through video and via audio media formats.

Ongoing Support

Complete has brought together a rich collection of resources to support ongoing learning which include contextual content streams, news, Q&As and open and closed forum spaces.

Our Customers

Complete's customers come from a wide range of sectors and disciplines and reflect the flexibility of the company's delivery system to adapt to different contexts and demands.

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Explain before Complain

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Mirror and Match

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Facilitating Effective Panel Discussions

Facilitating Panel Discussions – Top 5 Potential Traps Imagine you are the facilitator of a high-level panel discussion with an audience of a couple of hundred delegates. You’ve done this before so you know that you have to do a great deal of preparation to make sure everything runs smoothly. […]
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