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Humans have a natural tendency, when they are with people that they like, to mirror and match each other.

In a bar or coffee shop, two people in rapport will, without conscious awareness, begin to drink at the same time, sit forwards or backward at the same time and yes, even check our phones at the same time.

Noteworthy is that when we are in rapport, not only does our body language mirror and match, but our voice and language patterns start to reflect each other. Sometimes even our breathing becomes synchronized.

You may even have been aware of picking up keywords or turns of phrase from people that you like and respect and begin to adopt those as your own.

So, an influence technique is to take this idea further and consciously use it when trying to influence others. If we make small changes to the words we use in conversation, picking up on keywords and especially adjectives, we begin to create an almost hypnotic effect with the other person.

Mirroring and matching keywords that people use to describe things is not just an amazing idea, it is a technique that works and best of all, provided we don’t overuse it.

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