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Explain before Complain

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It is a common human reflex when we disagree with something someone has said, to simply say “no” first and then to justify why it is that we are disagreeing afterward.

It is natural and we do it all the time.

But when we do it at the negotiation table it has an unfortunate side effect. Because our counterparty firstly hears our rejection, they immediately take a step back and start rehearsing how they are going to back up their argument, which again is natural, but the problem is that while they are mentally rehearsing their next statement, they are not listening to our explanation of why we disagree.

They hear only “no” and not what we say next. Even worse, by putting “no” first we stand a good chance of annoying our counterparty and ruining the negotiations because that approach reduces listening and understanding at the negotiation table.

So the simple and memorable technique we call “explain before complain” turns this around.

Explain before Complain, is to explain why you are rejecting their proposal first and save the rejection, the “no” until the end. This simple technique helps a lot and puts both parties in a better place to continue negotiating.

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