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What are the top 5, most effective Closing Techniques? Read on to see the latest research from the Complete Professional Development Company.

The fine art of the close is the arguably the most vital part of the sales process. Because selling, certainly strategic selling, is a process, not a random interaction. You’re building a relationship with a potential buyer – and your close needs to be at the right time and appropriate for that particular buyer. So will your own, preferred closing style work every time for every buyer?

Well, according to the latest Complete Professional Development research, there is no single close that you can use in every situation, despite your product, your process or your script. That means that you could lose between 9 – 27% of your sales. And that hurts both you and your business. Do you really want to take that risk?

If you want to boost your sales with really effective closing, you have to be flexible and adapt to the buyer and the situation. And yes, you need to use your emotional intelligence  – that awareness that you have of the person you’re talking to – how they react to what you say, their type of personality and most important, how they like to make decisions.

So, knowing this, which of all the many different and powerful closing techniques can be the most effective?

Here are the top five:

Alternative Close  – Give your buyer two options and then leave the decision to them. Psychologically, this works when the buyer needs to feels in a position of power.

Trial Close – Use a trial close at any point during the meeting by checking at key points whether your proposal, product or service is acceptable to the buyer. You’re dealing with any potential objections before you come to the end of the meeting, making it easier for you to close.

Advance – This is the best close in relationship selling. Your ultimate objective is the agreement or commitment, but you work out the various steps to get there (meeting, proposal, revised proposal, cost discussion etc) and advance to each step gradually like a staircase. 

Standing Room Only Close – Based on Cialdini’s Rules of Influence and Persuasion, this is based on the Scarcity Rule. Anything where there is limited time, limited availability, volume, rates and so on increases demand dramatically.

Columbo Close – This is taken from the famous US detective, Columbo, who,  always uses the phrase “Just one more thing” before he solves the case. In the same way, at the end of a sales meeting, if you think you haven’t managed to get far enough to close, ask the Columbo question. It gives you another way to find out what’s missing.

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Always remember that you can’t persuade anyone to do anything. People persuade themselves, so you need to be able to pick up the clues about how that buyer’s mind operates.

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Let us know your thoughts on the top five too!

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