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The Complete Professional

Complete was created to break the mould by delivering learning and development in more exciting and effective ways. It stops professional development being about standardised short-term programmes and courses, focussing instead on understanding and supporting the individual through personalised learning and development.

Complete does this by blending a range of highly interactive  and challenging workshops with apps, tools, on line assessments, observation, feedback and online forums to produce imaginative and effective development solutions tailored to each client.

Complete has a list of demanding, but happy organisations where our approach has achieved success and has enabled those clients to realise a significant return on investment with their professional development budgets.

Our mission

  • To provide the best return on investment for your professional development budget
  • To deliver creative and effective development solutions that your people will want to engage with
  • To offer access to learning pathways that lead to measurable, improved performance in the workplace
  • To create development solutions that consider the culture and context of each business and industry

    Complete won’t change your people but we will make them more effective at whatever it is they do.

Why Choose Complete?

The Complete consultant that you initially meet will be the same consultant who will lead the project. We don’t have a sales team, just client managers who work with you to understand your business and design and develop around the needs of your people.

Our three founding consultants bring a combined 76 years of international experience in learning and development across almost every industry sector.

We have all the qualifications, certificates and experience that you would demand for Complete Professional Development.

Return on Investment

Fully Customised

Highly Experienced

Complete Professional Development

What We Offer

Profile Analysis

Complete will help you understand you existing orientation towards a specific discipline and offer immediate advice on how to maintain agility and improve skills.

Training Resources

Complete has developed a wide range of resources including role-plays, feedback mechanisms, tests and quizzes and contextual advice to aid personal development

Training Delivery

Complete has a variety of training options that can be adjusted to meet your specific requirements in terms of sectors, contexts and audiences.

Planning Resources

Complete provides a suite of online planning systems that enable ongoing strategic and tactical plan development and adjustment using the cloud for instant access.


Complete has created and provides supporting materials in each discipline that can be accessed in print and online and through video and via audio media formats.

Ongoing Support

Complete has a rich collection of resources to support ongoing learning which include contextual content streams, Q&As and open and closed forum spaces.

Who We Are

Frances Tipper – Founding Consultant

Mike Phipps – Founding Consultant

Andrew Hatcher – Founding Consultant

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