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06, 12, 2019admin

Top 5 Closing Techniques

What are the top 5, most effective Closing Techniques? Read on to see the latest research from the Complete Professional Development Company. The fine art of the close is the arguably the most vital part of the sales process. Because selling, certainly strategic selling, is a process, not a random […]

03, 12, 2019admin

Explain before Complain

It is a common human reflex when we disagree with something someone has said, to simply say “no” first and then to justify why it is that we are disagreeing afterward. It is natural and we do it all the time. But when we do it at the negotiation table […]

03, 11, 2019admin

Mirror and Match

Humans have a natural tendency, when they are with people that they like, to mirror and match each other. In a bar or coffee shop, two people in rapport will, without conscious awareness, begin to drink at the same time, sit forwards or backward at the same time and yes, […]

09, 10, 2019admin

Facilitating Effective Panel Discussions

Facilitating Panel Discussions – Top 5 Potential Traps Imagine you are the facilitator of a high-level panel discussion with an audience of a couple of hundred delegates. You’ve done this before so you know that you have to do a great deal of preparation to make sure everything runs smoothly. […]

02, 09, 2019admin

Discovering 10 Unusual Sources of Power

10 Usual Sources of Power at Work Where does your personal power come from? We all know that the boss has power over us and that it is tricky to refuse a reasonable request from them, because they have Status Power. It is usually quite easy to see Technical Power […]

03, 08, 2019admin

What is that you are really afraid of?

Marketing measurement matters more now than ever as new technologies make it easier to connect marketing activities to business outcomes. Despite all these advances and tools, it appears that many marketers are still not implementing effective measurement and reporting systems that can deliver useful information that can drive improved  performance. […]