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The Complete Learning and Development Solution.

Investing in learning and development is one of the key investment decisions for any organisation. And like any investment, the business needs to see a return, not a cost on the balance sheet.

A focus on developing people is always at or near the top of the list of needs that talented people look for when considering a job offer, so an attractive L&D solution is not just about developing people, it is part of the talent attraction and retention strategy. And it does not always need a huge budget to achieve this if it is spent wisely. This is where The Complete Learning and Development Solution come in.

What will you get?

At Complete we work with you to get what you need. We can help with any or all of the following:

  • Thorough learning needs analysis to ensure that any L&D spend is an investment not a cost.
  • Learning Needs Analysis can be achieved through competency assessment, interviews, work observation, feedback, interviews, 360 degree feedback, strengths finder solutions, critical incident analysis etc. Whatever process combination that is right for your business to identify the performance gap and to bridge it.
  • Blended learning solutions. We offer a wide variety of learning methodologies, not just workshops, but also WebEx, On Line Learning, Coaching, psychometrics, peer learning etc. Just take a look at some of the services we offer on this website. You will never find a boring power point slide based solution, but creative, brain friendly interventions that will have your talented people competing to get involved.
  • A complete learning intervention is designed to start with where your people are at and to fit the values and culture of your organisation.
  • Validation and Evaluation. We offer accurate measurement of improved performance. We do use standard post workshop feedback sheets, but because they are typically done at the end of a learning intervention, they mostly tell us if people enjoyed what they experienced. It tells us nothing about what gets applied back at work and provides no evidence of a return on investment.

So we offer a complete solution. We follow up with group or individual sessions to measure progress and to see how your people are spanning the performance gap. We check with sponsors and line managers for evidence of improved performance. We also offer WebEx sessions which not only provide evaluation data but act as a nudge to learners to test out their learning and keep the development momentum going.

And all of this feeds back into the next Learning Needs Analysis so that L&D can demonstrate a return on investment to the board. We provide solutions that not only will your people rave about, but real world examples that you can use as part of your talent attraction strategy.