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The Complete Negotiator

Effective negotiation skills are essential to do your job and are a must for the Complete Professional. We all negotiate every single day – internally, externally and, possibly the hardest of all, at home. You need to know how to get the most value for every deal you negotiate and to navigate successfully the barriers and obstacles that are part and parcel of the most challenging negotiations.

Complete has delivered a range of Negotiation Skills Workshops and Programmes, from Basic, to Advanced and, not the faint hearted, to Expert level over the last 15 years to a wide range of international organisations. Each workshop or programme is tailored specifically for the needs, mindset and expressed intentions of your organisation and your team.


What Will You Get?

You will walk away knowing how to (at a minimum):

  • Avoid positional bargaining by identifying interests
  • Develop creative solutions for mutual gain
  • Control the three constants of time, information and power
  • Use best behaviours and avoid the worst manners and expressions
  • Communicate effectively with probing questions, strong arguments, good summarising and active listening skills
  • Develop an effective trading strategy that works for both sides
  • Prepare and plan effectively and manage changing negotiation parameters, direction and values over time
  • Understand the nature of different cultures (countries, organisations, corporate)
  • Understand common tactics and countermeasures and how to get past barriers and obstacles
  • Develop counter-tactics for ultimatums, dam busting and deadlocks

How do you Learn?

You learn by doing! You won’t have to sit through pointless PowerPoint presentations or long lectures on theory. You develop your knowledge, values and skills through putting into practice new techniques in a safe environment with dynamic exercises that target the core skills before moving into real negotiation simulations.

What’s included?

There are a range of elements that can generally be included in a Complete Negotiator Programme including all parts of the Complete System as well as components that are specific to negotation as show below. Any of these elements can be changed or removed and other content areas included as required by the organisation and the agreed length and format of the programme.

Theory and Skills


The NSQ is an online profiling system that identifies negotiating strengths and areas of focus enabling tracking and development of behaviour during the programme

Getting to Ten Toolkit

The Getting to Ten™ toolkit is a personal impact process which enables each individual to increase the power of their own presence through the use of their body, voice and actions.


MAPP™ is both a physical and digital negotiation preparation and planning tool which allows individuals and teams to create and manage complex negotiating strategies

Stakeholder Map Toolkit

The Stakeholder Map toolkit provides a simple way for each negotiator to establish which entities or individuals are likely to support or resist them during the negotiation process

AAA Toolkit

The AAA Toolkit is a strategic device which provides negotiators with insight into counterparty interests, common ground and creative options

TLL Toolkit

How to build trust using the TLL toolkit

Personal Feedback

Complete uses both single and multi-source feedback techniques with you as a comprehensive and structured way to deliver feedback from different perspectives. You receive feedback in team and group discussions from peers, company experts and personal feedback from instructors.
Accurate feedback, together with the appropriate level of mentoring and coaching from the AB team members, provides you with the strongest and most effective way of learning.

Real Life Business Cases

Complete conducts Business Case Negotiations which are based on real negotiations in your organisation. They are usually written by the Complete team to reflect the specific challenges of your organisation and teams. They are also created to test out specific behaviours and responses that are directly relevant to your commercial context.

Becoming Complete


Understanding the fundamentals of negotiation to create a broad knowledge of strategies and tactics that create valuable outcomes


Getting to grips with the more complex negotiation techniques and developing higher level skills in various negotiating contexts


Perfecting the highest level negotiating skills to enable negotiation leadership at the highest and most valuable levels