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The Complete Project Manager

Whichever methodology or process your business uses to structure projects, the Complete Project Manager has all the tools and skills required for success. Because delivering a successful project is always more than just the Gant Chart or following a process, it requires a unique combination of leadership, personal organisation, influence and stakeholder management.

So at Complete we start by working with you to understand how we can best support the in house process and build the Complete Project Manager using that as the foundation stone.

What Will You Get?

You will walk away knowing how to (at a minimum):

  • Get an accurate insight into your preferred project management style so that you can maximise your existing strengths and become more aware of your own potential for developing as a complete project leader.

  • Understand how to define a project and the process of project management.

  • Know how to describe project success criteria

  • Recognise the different roles required in a project

  • Know the project’s context and get practical tools for stakeholder management

  • Identify the reasons for managing projects in life cycles and the need for phase reviews

  • Understand the purpose, benefits and content of a PMP

  • Understand and overcome stakeholder resistance.

  • Define project scope and describe the main break down structures used on projects

  • Be aware of the role of milestone planning, a bar-chart and the critical path

  • Appreciate the accuracy of estimates and different estimation methods Understand and qualify the risk management processUnderstand the purpose of formal change control on projects and the procedure


How will you Learn?

At Complete we design all our learning interventions with a focus on the practical application of tools, experimentation and rehearsal. You learn through action, activity, debate, feedback and experimentation.

What sets the Complete Project Manager apart is that our focus is not on the software and structure but on the critical leadership, influence and interpersonal skills required to deliver projects.

Bespoke case studies are written in consultation with your people to ensure that the real world is always kept in focus during the learning process.

What’s included?

We start with your in-house process and systems for managing projects and then work with you to identify the key skills and tools that will be needed for success in the culture of your business. This is further complimented by our on line diagnostic tool that provides an individual report that diagnoses the project management style, skills and approach so that every delegate knows how to play to their strengths as well as how to maximise their potential. Developed by the Complete team the Project Management Style Questionnaire (PMSQ) is available exclusively to Complete clients.

Theory and Skills


Unique to Complete, our on line profiling tool gives you an accurate report that diagnoses your style as a PM so you know your strengths and how best to develop.

Getting to Ten Toolkit

The Getting to Ten™ Tool Kit is unique to Complete and is used across several of our programmes where first impressions, body language and the need to change behaviour to suit the situation is important to success.


Available on line or as a physical process, MAPP™ is s dynamic and interactive process mapping and planning tool that takes you and your team quickly into all the elements of any project.

Stakeholder Toolkit

Complete helps you to use a range of stakeholder mapping processes and techniques to ensure that your influencing campaign is fully optimised for your influencing context.

Personal Power Toolkit

This tool kit helps you learn about where your personal power comes from and increases your awareness of your own capability and offers options to increase it.

TLL Toolkit

Complete's Trust Listen and Lead Toolkit is used to develop a strategy to build trust in contexts where it may be absent or hard to acquire.

Personal Feedback

We foster and encourage feedback at every stage of the learning process, be it peer to peer or expert observation we ensure that the feedback loop is always providing an extra layer of insight.

Real Life Business Cases

Because we start with your culture and internal project processes, we use this vital foundation to craft case studies that challenge your delegates, deepen their learning and ensures that we keep it real, not theoretical.

Becoming Complete


Understanding the fundamentals of Project Management to create a broad knowledge of strategies and tactics that develop basic PM skills


Addressing some of the more complex Project Management issues and challenges and developing higher level practical skills in a variety of project contexts.


Accessing the highest level Project Management skills which prepare each individual to take on complex and high value projects.