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The Complete Coach

With more and more emphasis being placed on work-based learning and development and less focus on traditional workshops, the emphasis now falls on managers to be more actively involved in developing their people. Coaching is the essential skill set that the complete manager needs.

Coaching turns good managers into excellent ones. Managers who coach, help their people to learn rather than teaching them. They unlock the hidden potential in all team members and help them to achieve their potential.

Coaching allows the manager to gain a deeper understanding of what motivates their people and how they think, and in return team members feel more engaged, take more responsibility, feel more committed to the actions they want to take and sometimes make “ah ha” breakthrough moments where old problems are solved in new ways.

And the best news of all is that anyone can learn how to be a complete coach.

What Will You Get?

You will walk away knowing how to (at a minimum):

  • Use a simple but powerful four stage coaching process that you can apply to any coaching scenario.

  • Develop the deep listening skills that make for an effective coach.

  • Get an accurate insight into your preferred coaching style so that you can maximise your existing strengths and become more aware of your own potential for developing as a coach.

  • Ask questions that help your people to think more broadly deeply so that they can find new solutions to whatever is blocking their potential.

  • Employ the skills of summarising, reflecting and challenging to keep your coaching sessions on track.

  • Judge when to coach and crucially, when not to.

  • Dramatically improve your own leadership and management style and transform your people into a high performing team.

  • Return to your team with the tools, experience and confidence to immediately apply what you have learned and get a return on your investment.

How do you Learn?

Because coaching is an active skill, the complete coaching programme uses action learning as its base. It comes with our No PowerPoint guarantee! We provide the tools and processes required but the emphasis is on practise, rehearsal and experimentation.

Before the start of the programme you will complete our Coaching Style Questionnaire (CSQ) that will provide you with an instant overview of your coaching strengths and raise your awareness of where your coaching potential lies. Working with our qualified and experienced coaches you will benefit from active demonstrations, expert and peer to peer feedback.

If required, the Complete Coach Programme can appoint a personal performance coach so that you can benefit from being coached and get a feel for how the experienced, professional coach operates.

What’s included?

At Complete we build the coaching programme around you and your needs. We always start with CSQ so that we know where you are starting from and what you need next to become the complete coach. A complete coaching programme can be tailored for you using any or all of the options below.

Theory and Skills


This Complete on line profiling tool enables you to get an instant insight into your preferred coaching style and your hidden potential.

Coaching for the coach

Complete can supply a suitably qualified and experienced coach to further support your own development as a coach.


Available on line or as a physical process, MAPP™ is a dynamic and interactive process that enables you to build and share a simple yet effective step-by-step coaching process

Coach Roleplays

Developed to refine your coaching skills these enable you to test out your coaching skills and get expert feedbcak on your style

Questions Toolkit

This tool kit assist you to develop stratgies and techniques to make sure that you ask the right questions at the right time.

TLL Toolkit

Complete's Trust Listen and Lead Toolkit is used to develop a strategy to build trust in contexts where it may be absent or hard to acquire.

Personal Feedback

What sets the Complete Coaching programme apart is the multi channel feedback you will get. We use peer to peer and expert feedback as well as observation and evaluation so that you get accurate and confidence building feedback as you develop.

Real Life Business Cases

Everything about the Complete Coach is real, there are no role plays and we work only with real world case studies that you bring to explore. The Complete Coach keeps it both real and practical.

Becoming Complete


Understanding the fundamentals of coaching to create a broad knowledge of strategies and tactics that develop basic coaching skills


Working with some of the more complex coaching skills to enable you to deal with the higher level practical coaching skills in a range of personal contexts


Developing the highest level coaching skills that can be used with the most powerful characters to assist them with maximising their potential