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The Complete Influencer

Effective influence skills are essential for success. They are a must for the Complete Business executive. We all influence every single day but how do we know we are using the best style, techniques, tools and strategies?

Complete has designed and delivered a range of influence Skills Workshops and Programmes, from Basic through Advanced and, not the faint-hearted, to Expert level over the last 21 years to a wide range of international organisations. Each programme is tailored specifically for the needs, mindset and expressed intentions of your organisation and your team.


What Will You Get?

You will walk away knowing how to (at a minimum):

  • Understand your influencing style so you know how to capitalise on your strengths and understand your areas for potential development. Using the on line Influence Style Questionnaire (ISQ).

  • Know how to apply 10 different influencing tactics that have a proven track record of success.

  • Get a range of stakeholder management tools that break away from the traditional “Mendelow” model, new tools that reflect the complexity of modern organisational structures and are configured for success. Get the Complete Stakeholder Management App.

  • Learn how to be more a more effective influencer by making small changes to your word choices in face to face, phone, email and WebEx meetings.

  • Know how to recognise and deal with a range of stakeholder resistance strategies, yet still have people like and respect you.

  • Pressure test these tools with interactive case studies that simulate your real world of work.

  • Learn how to find and enlist the four key stakeholders in your organisation who can get things done.

  • Understand where your personal power comes from and how to apply it to greatest effect.

  • Know how to plan and execute an influence campaign.

You can build on this by adding different content areas according to the requirements of your organisation and team.

How do you Learn?

Learning how to influence is all about skills, techniques and behaviour, and while you can learn how to influence using slides and books, we offer a more dynamic and interactive learning method. We offer ideas and techniques but we move quickly into activity and rehearsal for the types of situations that you will face in your business. These are not role plays, no acting skills are required, but we encourage experimenting with new behaviours and testing new techniques before applying them in the workplace.

What’s included?

The programme is designed for you and perhaps your project team to meet the culture and dynamics of your business. The Complete Influencer will use some or all of the elements shown below, but it is always build from where you are starting from and focused on what you want to achieve.

Theory and Skills


Unique to Complete, our on line profiling tool helps you to understand your preferred influencing style and identifies both strengths and limitations.

Getting to Ten Toolkit

The Getting to Ten™ Tool Kit is unique to Complete and is used across several of our programmes where first impressions, body language and the need to change behaviour to suit the situation is important to success.


Available on line or as a physical process, MAPP™ is s dynamic and interactive process that takes you and your people quickly into all the elements of the complete influence strategy.

Stakeholder Toolkit

Complete helps you to use a range of stakeholder mapping processes and techniques to ensure that your influencing campaign is fully optimised for your influencing context.

Personal Power Toolkit

This tool kit helps you learn about where your personal power comes from and increases your awareness of your own capability and offers options to increase it.

TLL Toolkit

Complete's Trust Listen and Lead Toolkit is used to develop a strategy to build trust in contexts where it may be absent or hard to acquire.

Personal Feedback

Accurate feedback provides you with the strongest and most effective way of learning.  Complete always offers ways to incorporate multi-stage peer to peer feedback combined with coaching reflection from Complete experts or observers where required.

Real Life Business Cases

Business Cases based on real influencing situations in your organisation are written by the Complete team to reflect the specific challenges of your organisation and contexts.  They are uncannily real and demanding. They are rehearsal for real life, not role play.

Becoming Complete


Understanding the fundamentals of influence to create a broad knowledge of strategies and tactics that develop basic influencing skills


Addressing some of the more complex influencing skills and challenges and developing higher level practical influencing skills in a range of challenging contexts


Honing the highest level influencing skills to enable powerful leadership at the highest and most valuable levels