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The Complete Facilitator

When you have many people attending a meeting or a conference, not only will everything spiral out of control without a good facilitation role, the goals and any resulting actions are forgotten or, worse still, not even discussed.

As a Facilitator, you are responsible for setting the tone of the meeting or the conference, ensuring people feel welcomed and engaged, keeping everything on time and maintaining the focus and objectives for each session.

You need to show that you can be trusted with control, manage the time effectively and deal calmly with the unexpected. You also need to generate interest and energy in the room, encourage the participants to share their views or ask questions and have excellent listening and summarising skills in order to pull together the essence of the content and issues discussed.


So what do you get out of The Complete Facilitator programme?  

You will walk away knowing how to (at a minimum):

  • Recognise how to set the scene, the objectives and the ground rules of the meeting or conference
  • Improve clarity, comprehension and efficiency by maintaining focus on the core objectives
  • Manage the process with conviction and influence
  • Control the potential disrupters
  • Listen, summarise and keep everything on track (agenda and time)
  • Understand your key strengths and style as a facilitator and learn how to develop into a complete facilitator.

You can build on this by adding how to facilitate external meetings, panel discussions, Webex or telephone meetings with multiple participants and organisations attending.

How do you Learn?

This is all about learning by doing including facilitating a difficult meeting or a fractious panel discussion where the participants dislike each other. You will have to manage a great many disrupters from those interrupting and preventing others speaking to those grandstanding and taking up too much time. Many use meetings for their own agenda rather than the one circulated so you will learn to direct the focus of everyone attending back to task at hand and “park” other issues for another session.  When you have excellent facilitation skills, you will find that you can manage any difficult meeting or conference with ease and great style.

Real Life Business Cases

Complete crafts challenging case studies and where required, fun but fiendish role plays that not only test out tools and learning but also so that we keep it real, not theoretical, so that your facilitation skills are ready to use right away.

Theory and Skills


Get an accurate report that diagnoses your style as a facilitator so you know your strengths and how best to develop using our exclusive Facilitation Style Questionnaire (FSQ)

Getting to Ten Toolkit

The Complete Facilitator knows how to combine all the most influential behaviours to create authority, integrity and cooperation. The Getting to Ten™ Tool Kit is is designed to ensure that your facilitation behaviours are at their most influential.


Available on line or as a physical tool, MAPP helps everyone get a complete overview of all the tools, techniques and skills needed for complete facilitation excellence.

Stakeholder Toolkit

Successful facilitation requires careful pre meetings to align the key stakeholders and manage expectations so that you can smooth the path to success in the meeting.


Recognise how to identify and deliver clarity around the key messages used during the facilitation.

The Trust, Listen and Lead Tool Kit

The three vital elements in facilitation are building trust, listening with awareness and the presence to lead and this toolkit enables you to develop all three in facilitation context.

Personal Feedback

We foster and encourage feedback at every stage of the learning process, be it peer to peer or expert observation we ensure that the feedback loop is always providing an extra layer of insight.

What Customers Say

Before this course I dreaded running the weekly meeting with Partners as most had to call in from different locations and we never seemed to agree on anything. I now have a different set of tools I can use to keep the meetings on track and resolve the arguments between known entities – at least during the meetings. Partner, Pantheon Ventures UK

Becoming Complete


Understanding the fundamentals of facilitation to create a broad knowledge of strategies and tactics that develop basic facilitation skills


Addressing some of the more complex facilitation challenges and developing a more natural and personalised approach to facilitation in a range of social and business contexts.


Creating an approach to high-level facilitation that enables the individual to fell comfortable with high power and high impact facilitation techniques.